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The CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas program is developed by:Casa_Yachtcompressed_transparent-224x16303
IPA SA – the Institute for Projects in Automation ( Website), a 45-year-old engineering and R&D company, the Program Management Unit for the Construction and Transportation R&D Program in Romania,

together with

West Group Architecture
(Website) -
a top architectural firm for the residential and commercial markets in the lower Danube area - both companies from Bucharest, Romania, Europe.

For developing the CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas project in the USA, they are represented by CasaYacht International, a Division of IPA SA.

Computer generated drawings on this site, courtesy of West Group Architecture


For information about CasaYacht® Yacht Homes and Marinas or for involvement in this project, please contact:

S. Dorian Chelaru,



+1 801 399 3862 (Ogden, Utah, USA office), or
+(40) 21 316 1616 (Romania, Europe)


+(40) 21 316 1620 (Romania, Europe)



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