What is a CasaYacht Yacht Home?
A CasaYacht Yacht Home is a combination of a traditional home and a luxury yacht. The comfort and safety of land-based living is ensured by hosting the CasaYacht Yacht Homes inside specific marinas where they stand on pilings on the bottom of the water, similar to land-based buildings. CasaYacht Yacht Homes also offer the freedom to navigate and enjoy the surrounding water while carried by a removable floating dock with variable buoyancy.

Is a CasaYacht less expensive than a similar yacht?
A CasaYacht Yacht Home is up to ten times less expensive than a yacht of the same size.  Thus, the CasaYacht Yacht Home offers a yacht’s mobility at a reduced price. The savings are generated by using technologies similar to those for land-based custom homes, and by the fact that the floating dock - a naval and more expensive construction – is removable and can be time-shared by a group of CasaYacht Yacht Homes.

How much does a CasaYacht Yacht Home cost?
A CasaYacht Yacht Home price is similar to the price of a luxury home.
The prices depend on your local market and on the specific configuration and quality desired for your CasaYacht Yacht Home. The prices of the European market and the US market are similar. Thus, the price for a 3000 ft (300 sqm) luxury Yacht is about $300-$500/sqft (EUR2400 to EUR4000/sqm). You should add the price of the floating dock, which, used in a time-shared mode, is about 10%-25% of the price of the superstructure. Also consider the price to buy, lease, or rent the land and the pilings on specific marinas, which is about 25% of the price of the superstructure, but can vary dramatically depending on location, available facilities, and access. There are also monthly payments similar to managed development fees that will sustain the quality of the marina, and the services and utilities payments for each CasaYacht Yacht Home..

But can I build
CasaYacht Yacht Homes on land?
You can build CasaYacht™ Yacht Homes on land if you dig the appropriate canals, preferably connected to a navigable lake, river, or sea. These kinds of canals can be built anywhere, including desert areas –a good example of a larger canal can be seen in Las Vegas, NV– the only limiting factor being the higher cost. We invite those interested in land and marina development to contact us, and we will be happy to make the appropriate technical information available.

Does sharing the floating dock of my
CasaYacht Yacht Home hamper my mobility?
In a way you are not as free as a yacht owner to leave the marina with your CasaYacht Yacht Home when you share the floating dock. But keep in mind that the recreational crafts stay in marinas or harbors about 90% of the time, and for many of us, the main activity on a yacht is leisure, rather than permanent navigation. You will ultimately find that dock sharing simply means more planning rather than restricted mobility.

CasaYacht Yacht Homes need to be built on land?
Usually, CasaYacht Yacht Homes stand on pilings built into the bottom of the water and they do not need land, with access to the CasaYacht superstructure through walkways or by boat.  However, it is advisable to have land close, for access, parking, and utilities. It is also possible to place the CasaYacht Yacht Homes on water far from the shore, similar to fixed buildings (see pictures shown to the right), with the condition that the specific utilities and services are provided.

Why rest on pilings?
CasaYacht Coastal Homes can be placed on pilings on the bottom of the water with no the floating dock attached. This means savings because the docks can be used by other time-share owners. Also, the number of persons and the allowable loading of the CasaYacht Yacht Home is greatly increased when the CasaYacht Yacht Home is landed. Thus, for a typical CasaYacht Yacht Home, the number of on-board persons can increase from twelve– as restricted by some European requirements for recreational crafts - to many tens or even hundreds of visitors. When landed, the CasaYacht Yacht Homes can be loaded up to the limits given by its structural strength, with no concern for floating stability and buoyancy.
It is possible to have, for example, garages attached under the CasaYacht superstructures, or other heavy objects positioned onto the superstructure. 
When landed, CasaYacht Yacht Homes can also withstand high winds or heavy snow, offering the comfort of safe, motionless, and leveled living quarters.

What level of comfort is offered by the
CasaYacht Yacht Homes?
Comfort is our specialty! Each CasaYacht™ Yacht Home can easily have three to five thousand square feet of A/C living space (300 to 500 sqm), spread on two to three levels with additional decks of thousands of square feet, provided with the best equipment available.   When hosted in the marinas, all the utilities are readily available - and by sharing the dock, you can also afford the best services and utilities while floating.

Can I race the high seas, can I run at high speeds, can I go around the world with my
CasaYacht™ Yacht Home?
The answer is a cautious yes - it depends on how you want your CasaYacht™ Yacht Home built and what naval certification it will get. The CasaYacht™ Yacht Homes can be structurally built and motorized to withstand any environmental and operational condition, but, for your comfort and safety, we strongly recommend projects that are far tamer, located in coastal areas and on rivers, lakes, lagoons, and canals. The navigation, including the exit to the open sea, should take place as much as possible during fair weather.

CasaYacht Yacht Homes environmentally friendly?
CasaYacht Yacht Homes are environmentally friendly. CasaYacht™ Yacht Homes are energy efficient, they do not pollute, they have a very small foot print, they float when and where they cannot stand, and they are removable when there is a need for undisturbed environment.  The CasaYacht Yacht Homes and marinas also generate funds that should, at least in part, be used for the environment protection of coastal areas.

Besides personal residence, what can
CasaYacht™ Yacht Homes be used for?
Beyond being used as primary and secondary residences, or vacation homes, the CasaYacht Yacht Homes, can be used individually, or in groups, as commercial buildings like hotels, time-share villas, restaurants, casinos, conference halls, shopping areas, offices, fishing cabins, traveling floating exhibitions-including model houses, historic monument replicas, or other architectural replicas. They can also be used for other purposes, like bases for research and exploration, being temporary deployed to specific locations.

How are the specific marinas that host the
CasaYacht Yacht Homes organized and run?
The specific marinas are organized and run like closed-gate coastal communities, although, having the water as a protective barrier, you might not need real gates and fences. There are many marina configurations we can advise, all being provided with specific pilings for holding the CasaYacht superstructures, and located adjacent to a navigable body of water. 
We invite the marina developers, builders and the owners of appropriate real estate interested in the CasaYacht Yacht Homes, to contact us, also advising that the the CasaYacht Yacht Home and marina developments should be at least as profitable as the regular land-based developments.

How Can I get a
CasaYacht Yacht Home?
Usually the CasaYacht Yacht Homes are built in managed developments configured as specific marinas that also provide access to at least one floating dock. It is possible to build individual CasaYacht Yacht Homes, but they can get very expensive if not included in a network that time-shares the floating dock(s). Thus, we invite the developers and owners of coastal real estate to contact us and we will try to work each specific project with the interested parties. 
We also invite individual customers to give us their details (specific location and CasaYacht Yacht Home wish lists) and eventually refer us to their developer or real estate agents of choice, so that we can work together towards building their dream CasaYacht Yacht Home.


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