16th of January 2006


CasaYacht Launched in the EU

    • The CasaYacht project demonstration phase is being launched in Romania (part of European Union since 01.01.2011).  The CasaYacht™ project implementation includes the building of at least one model Yacht Home that is expected to be ready for visiting and demonstration in about 18 months.  Interested parties in the CasaYacht project / Europe are kindly asked to contact our CasaYacht Europe office.





17th of October 2006


CasaYacht European Patent

    • The European Patent Office has received and published the application for CasaYacht patent (see EPO application number EP20050728361).

      The patent pending status of CasaYacht™ opens new venues for the development and commercialization of CasaYacht™ Yacht Homes and Marinas inside the European Union and all the countries affiliated with the European Patent Office (such as Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and other European Countries).

      All parties interested in implementing the project in their specific areas are invited to contact us at






7th of October 2006



CasaYacht - First Model Yacht Home Development

  • CasaYacht International , a Division of IPA SA, begins the CasaYachtTM Model Yacht Home Development

    Intended to establish the CasaYacht concept and to position CasaYacht into top quality waterfront real estate, the CasaYacht Model Yacht Home Development has been launched at CasaYacht International location in Bucharest, Romania, Europe.

    The president of CasaYacht International, Mr. S. Dorian Chelaru, considers that the actual building of the first model home will start in the Spring of 2011, using in-house financing and European Union Structural funds. ‘This first model home development will improve the promotion of CasaYacht in the European area, proving that this unique concept is a leap forward in the luxurious mobile lifesyle’, said Mr. Chelaru.





25th of September 2006


Dubai Waterhouse Market Targeted by CasaYacht International

  • The waterfront developments (Palm Jebel Ali, and Deira) are an excellent opportunity for development of CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas

    CasaYacht® International have been discussing with developers in the United Arab Emirates regarding the implementation of the CasaYacht concept. 

    The top Dubai developers can use CasaYacht International for fulfilling their commitment to waterfront living aimed at providing a luxurious, mobile lifestyle.






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