Services and Products We Provide for Developing CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas

We encourage real estate agencies and all other interested parties to become our certified distributors and to resell CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas licenses and solutions to developers, builders, and operators. We offer the best commercial terms and protected territories.

We also sell CasaYacht intellectual property licenses and provide services for developers, home and boat builders, marina and resort operators, and of course for customers of CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas.


The CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas concept is being patented in Europe (Euro-PCT), with correspondents in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand, Egypt, and the UAE.

Depending on your specific requirements, we can also offer our services as consultants, help with the system and/or detail design and development, or we can partially or fully build the appropriate CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas.

We invite all parties interested in CasaYacht Yacht Homes and Marinas to e-mail us at:

This does not constitute an offer where prohibited by law.



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